Are You Worth the Risk?

I often find myself caught up in other people’s vision. I listen to an idea and become excited about its possibilities. I am a doer, so I offer my own ideas on how to make their ideas come to life. Then, I allow myself to become a little worker bee, getting things done to make others’ ideas work. While this may seem like such a good deed, I have discovered the true reason behind my actions are not so selfless. In fact, it is a bit self-destructive.

God has given each of us talents and abilities to use for his glory. They are part of his purpose for us. Our individual skill sets are designed to help others but also to help ourselves. In a few cases, those skill sets are meant to make His name great, by making our name great. Sometimes, however, the risks of greatness frightens us off the path to our destiny. We find ourselves on someone else’s path to a destination that is not our own. Initially, these helpful acts are comforting. You say things like “I’m a part of  something great,” or “I’m just happy to be along for the ride.” But if God has called you to something else, something greater, then the ride you’re on, will leave you empty and unfulfilled. This can also lead to a bitterness and resentment towards the person you helped, when the real culprit is yourself.

My fear of the unknown has helped many people accomplish wonderful things. While there is satisfaction in helping others, I am disappointed in how I have used those tasks to procrastinate in my own success. I have delayed God’s plan for my life with fear disguised as a helpful spirit. I have taken risks on others, but it is now time to take a risk on myself. I’m worth it. If God believes in me…shouldn’t I?

One thought on “Are You Worth the Risk?

  1. You are worth it, Ruthenna!!! You have such a beautiful soul for helping others. The excitement that you show towards other people’s dreams/goals is a lovely sight and inspires even more excitement in ourselves!! You are well worth investment of time, energy, and love in your own dreams. God has done and will do great work more amazing work through you!!

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