Real Relationship Goals

I am still fascinated by a young woman I saw while riding the bus last year. She did not notice me sneaking peaks at her. She was on the bus when I boarded. The bus was not too full this afternoon. She sat in one of the front, aisle facing seats. I sat diagonal from her with a clear view. I always notice other Black females in any setting. It lets me know I’m not alone. I noticed her right away.

Her skin was brown coffee like mine. Her hair was thick and blown out from its probable coily texture. She was definitely younger than me. She was reading something intently. Ever so often, she would close her eyes and silently mouth something. After a few seconds, she opened her eyes and returned to what she was reading. At first, I though she was Muslim until I saw and sensed something beautifully familiar. She closed her eyes and smiled as she lifted her hands. She mouthed something still inaudible. But I recognized it. This girl was in very deep and personal worship.

I was in awe. The way she dismissed the looks of others was bold and admirable. I wanted to defend her when I saw two young people sitting across from her. They looked at her with annoyed eyes. I glared at them with disgust but quickly realized this young lady did not need my help. She was focused on what she was doing. She was focused on her King.

The bus stopped at a transfer point where she got off. I watched her until she walked out of sight. I could not get her off my mind for the rest of the evening. Today, she still crosses my mind. She was not putting on a show or forcing anything on anyone. Her actions were genuine. Her love was sincere. I wanted to know more about her. I wanted to know what she had been through to enable her to be so carefree with her worship. Maybe, she had been through nothing at all. Maybe she just knew the one with whom she was so deeply in love.

This is #relationshipgoals!

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