The Writer

Ruthenna is an author with several published articles and an inspirational blog. Her memoir, Liberated From The Hill will be released in 2021. She also enjoys writing music lyrics and story concepts for film.

The Speaker

Ruthenna has stood before thousands of youth and young adults at conferences nationwide. Currently, she speaks as a youth ministry leader in Inglewood, CA.

The Sports Fanatic!

Ruthenna loves most sports but she is an avid fan of ACC Basketball, USA Track & Field and the NFL (though controversy has scaled her back a bit on football.) Neighbors have knocked on her door during games and races. She will passionately debate anyone over her Ravens and Tarheels.

Just the Basics

  • Born and raised in North Charleston, SC
  • Jams to 80s/90s R&B
  • Hates ice cream- Yes, seriously.

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