The Actress:

The award winning performance in Ghost Sonata

Ruthenna’s television debut came on an episode of America’s Court. Later, she graced the stage with The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler in her theatre debut. Since then, she has been in a variety of plays, indie films and shorts. Constantly studying to improve her craft, Ruthenna seeks to be an actress known for authentic and passionate storytelling. Each of her performances will touch you with an unexpected depth. Her sharp, guarded professional will make you laugh out loud. While her sometimes judgmental, but nurturing mother will bring you to tears. With her passion, Ruthenna brings an honest reality to every character she plays. More

The Author:  Ruthenna began writing track and field human interest stories as a college student. Today, as a crazed, but knowledgeableGEM in action2 football fan, Ruthenna writes for a Female Football Fan club while passionately debating sport topics on twitter. She also enjoys writing thought provoking songs and narratives to inspire. She is currently working on her memoir. In the meantime, check out her personal blog, Loving God Ain’t Easy.

The Entrepreneur: Ruthenna runs two small businesses centered around youth. Rescued by Ruthenna! provides child care and family enrichment through community involvement. Generation Empowerment Ministries (GEM) is a youth ministry consulting firm that helps churches better cater to their teen membership through workshops, forums and surveys . For more information on Ruthenna’s companies, click the websites below.

     RESCUED BY RUTHENNA!Official Gem Logo

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