Liberated Conversations with Ruthenna

The Liberated Conversations podcast is a platform to share personal experiences that are common to many but rarely discussed. 3 episodes are posted each month; dedicated to a spiritual devotion, a featured guest and a fellow podcaster. Our conversation allows people to speak freely about their issues, experiences and perspectives. Liberation begins with a conversation. So let’s talk about it!

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It's the last episode of the 1st season of Liberated Conversations. It fits perfectly that this episode is about giving thanks. We completed our last devotional of the year and it was all about thankfulness. We talked about ways to give thanks as well as those moments when it is difficult to do so. Maybe you had a lot of those moments in 2020. We provide some new things in life to be thankful for as we close this year and this season.
  1. Giving Thanks
  2. Caregiving- Two Journeys
  3. Caregiving- Social Work
  4. Look at How We Live
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