Liberated Conversations with Ruthenna

The Liberated Conversations podcast is a platform to share personal experiences that are common to many but rarely discussed. 3 episodes are posted each month; dedicated to a spiritual devotion, a featured guest and a fellow podcaster. Our conversation allows people to speak freely about their issues, experiences and perspectives. Liberation begins with a conversation. So let’s talk about it!

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Caregiving- Two Journeys Liberated Conversations with Ruthenna

In this conversation, we walk through tow caregiving journeys. I speak with Holly Harris, of the Truth Reveal Podcast, about our experiences providing care for our mothers from the onset of their illness to the day they passed. We talk in detail, about the impact it had on our lives and how we continue to learn from the experience.Check out Holly's  Truth Reveal podcast at
  1. Caregiving- Two Journeys
  2. Caregiving- Social Work
  3. Look at How We Live
  4. Voting is Personal
  5. Legacy of the Emanuel 9
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