Podcast Guest

A platform to share personal experiences common to many but rarely discussed.

Thank you for agreeing to have a Liberated Conversation with Ruthenna!

I am very excited to have you as a guest. Please read the following guidelines for the best conversation and fill out the form below. I would like to have all the correct information to share with our listeners.

Our Mission

The podcast seeks to free a community of people chained to experiences by silence. We want to shine a light on secrets within race and religion, from the home to the hood. We truly believe that liberation begins with a conversation. That’s why we talk about it.


  • We use StreamYard for podcast interviews. You will receive an email with instructions on how to use this platform once our broadcast is scheduled. Our guests have found it to be very user friendly.
  • Please use headphones. This will avoid my voice coming from your side of the recording. Also, be mindful of background noise that can affect your sound quality (i.e. fans, pets, etc.)
  • Finally, please shut down all other tabs/windows/browsers apart from StreamYard. Other applications open can cause internet connectivity issues. I want you to be as clear as possible.

About our conversation

You should have received an outline of topics for our conversation. We will record for approximately 1 hour. All episodes begin with an excerpt reading that leads into your introduction. After a 15 second video, we will chat for a few moments and jump into our topic.

Remember, this is a Liberated Conversation! So feel free to talk. Don’t be nervous and enjoy yourself!

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