Liberated From The Hill

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Meet Ruthenna!

Find out more about the author, the actress, the producer; the woman.

letters to God

The Blog

The book comes out in 2021.
Until then, check out Ruthenna’s story on her blog,
Loving God Ain’t Easy!

The Actress

From the theater to the sound stage,
Ruthenna’s characters speak.

What The Critics Say

“Ruthenna Porterfield, whose facial expressions express her disdain to a tee without having to utter a word…”

Shari Barrett, Broadway World

From Liberty Hill to the hills of Hollywood

Read about Ruthenna’s journey.


The journey through an empty parking space to destiny.

Bus Stop Chronicles

Public transportation is the vehicle for the journey. Lots of lessons!

Daniel Fast Diary

You’re invited to dine with me along the spiritual journey.

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