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Mother Mae I Supporting Deonna Stephens
Worth The Right Supporting Christiana Lussenden
For Your Own Good Supporting Raphael Chastain
A Broken Code Supporting Josh Webber
The Death of Lamar Blanchard Supporting Sabrina Boyle
A Captured Moment Supporting Earl Rath
America’s Court Anna Richards Entertainment Studios
Clybourne Park Francine/Lena Sherman Wayne
Ghost Sonata Bengtsson Stephen Sabel
The Further Adventures of Hedda Gabler Woman in Pink, Diane, Masha Sabrina Lloyd
Acting- The New Approach John Coppola Studio C Artists
Acting for the Screen Michael J. Sonntag Studio C Artists
Self Tape Audition Technique Erica Silverman Workshop
Shared Scene Interaction Brian LaFontaine Film Actor’s Studio
Advanced Scene Study Brian LaFontaine Film Actor’s Studio
Audition Procedures Patrick Keenan Workshop