Taking God’s Tests

Prayer books in War Room

Every time I think I have grown in the area of trusting God, something happens to test my growth. Sometimes I pass. Sometimes I don’t. However, God comes through every time. So, why do I still struggle with trust?

The last several years have been a constant series of tests. During these tests, I have heard the chorus of a song my Charleston pastor occasionally sang during church services. I loved to hear that song growing up. The melody was beautifully written and the lyrics were pleasantly simple. I knew all the lyrics as a teenager, but today, I can only remember the chorus.

Trust in God
for everything you need.
He’ll make a way.
Just trust him and believe.

I hear this refrain loudly in my ears. There are moments when I open my mouth and the lyrics flood from my spirit so fast that my brain does not catch up until I hear the second line. It is a resounding, blatant command that has been given during major opposition. Obeying the command always produces favorable results.

“…Be not afraid, only believe” Mark 5:36 KJV

I think I am now facing a ‘semester exam’ of sorts. I am approaching a season in my life where trusting God will be critical and must be a second nature practice. The beginner’s class asks us to turn to God when faced with opposition. Advanced level courses require much more. I am now asked to recognize problems as already solved and maneuver life based on that fact.

“I will go before you and make the crooked places straight…” Isaiah 45:2 KJV
“The Lord your God who goes before you, he will fight for you…” Deuteronomy 1:30 Amplified

As I walk into new territories, I must do so knowing that God has already been here. He has not only prepared me for the move; he has prepared the move for me. He has strategically placed people and scheduled events to assist me along the way. Yes, he has made a way.

But I think I have to pass this semester exam before going further. I have the verses and the testimonies to definitively pass this exam. I am firmly set on passing it. I┬ádon’t know if I’ll ace it, but I’ll definitely pass.

Mostly because I do not want to go through this course again.


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