Surprises on the Metro

I was happy to be scheduled to work an hour later than usual. Since my car was repossessed (read about that here), I have had to catch three buses and a train, at 4:30am to get to my part time job. It has not been easy. The two buses and a train, today, was a welcomed change.

I was surprised when I got off the train to my next bus. The silence caught me off guard. I thought there would be many more people with the time being closer to rush hour than my normal commute. I looked around. Only a few people sat on a bench waiting for the next train. They were staring at nothing as most people do on the subway. I found myself needing to take a moment to appreciate it.

After my short shift, I went to my usual bus stop. A co-worker was there. She and I have just begun to develop a re pore. I was a bit put off by her when we met a few months ago. I thought she was a bit aloof. As time passed, I admitted my envy. She is better at my job. She is faster and more productive. This was a hard pill to swallow. Once I realized that the problem was me, I knew it was going to take God’s hand to help me get over myself. I talked to him about it. He didn’t waste any time. (I wish he handled other things this quickly.) The very next morning, he orchestrated a simple situation that allowed us to have a conversation. I also had the opportunity to verbally acknowledge her work ethic on multiple occasions. This has truly made a difference in how I relate to her before, during and after work.

The bus (and train) ride home were uneventful, but still an experience. While at the stop with my co-worker, I saw two female police officers. This is not something you see every day. I appreciated the girl power moment. While waiting for the train, I helped a tourist family with directions. It felt weird to be able to assist. I was glad I knew what I was talking about. I was also reminded of how long I’ve been in L.A. As my train was arriving, I wished them well. The parents shook my hand. Then, out of nowhere, the father spoke for my heavenly Father. My spirit leaped at the Shepherd’s voice. He spoke healing over my illness. I couldn’t understand everything he said due to the roar of the train but I knew my Father was there. He wanted me to feel his presence.

I needed that.

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