Exposed on the Expo Line

LA Metro

Boy, am I learning, or more accurately, being reminded an important spiritual lesson. First of all, I must fight laziness. I woke up Sunday morning and wasted 10 minutes pondering whether or not I would catch the bus I planned in order to get to service. I knew it was important for my spirit just to be in the church if only for praise and worship. But I rationalized, over and over, why I didn’t need to go. Those 10 minutes cost me and I ended up not being able to catch the original bus anyway.

Then, I continued to procrastinate catching two other available buses with the excuse that I wouldn’t get there in time so why bother. While sitting there, I chose to watch a short about high rents and eviction. Very unwise!!! I’m in the middle of learning how to trust God fully and how real faith works. This is being exercised now in my own rent situation. Watching only 11 minutes was enough to tickle the doubt I battle every day. I fed my fear instead of my faith. 
Thankfully, I have been really nourishing my spirit with God’s word. So though I definitely started an unnecessary fight with my flesh, my spirit is winning. 

Every decision you make is important. They affect your spirit and emotional well being in ways you may not be aware of. Even the little decisions can have great impact on outcomes. They cause a chain reaction that lead to life changing results.

I will be begging for God’s mercy and forgiveness for wasting those 10 minutes.

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