It’s My Birthday!

On our personal new year, as I like to call it, most of us get calls, texts, posts, etc. I tend to be a bit cynical about Facebook birthday greetings, though  I appreciate them nonetheless. The fact that a high school classmate who I haven’t spoken to in 20 years, could take 20 seconds to type ‘Happy Birthday’ is admittedly more than I have done for a few people. In the words of The Lionking’s Pumba, “Oh, the shame!!”

I always wonder from whom the first greeting will come. This year it came from a friend I speak with on occasion. I don’t know if he even remembered that it was my birthday. The text simply read, “Just thought about you!” I’m so glad he did.

I did not wake up this morning thinking about what a great birthday I was going to have. I woke up thinking about what a trying year it has been. Discouraging and battle filled, I have often questioned my decisions and my dreams. I questioned God. Then I saw my friend’s text attached to the video below and thought… Maybe this is God’s answer.

I’d like to think of it as his birthday gift to me.

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