I Am An Actress!

I am an actress. Though the statement seems so simple, stating that fact, is not.  I have run from this statement for decades. Yet, the farther I thought I ran, the closer God shoved me towards this admission. I toyed with the entertainment industry in obvious and subtle ways. In high school, I volunteered toContinue reading “I Am An Actress!”

People Make Prayer Too Complicated

I had a childhood friend whose house I loved going to for sleepovers because they had many things that my house didn’t. Their house had stairs and a view of the river. They had pets. There was a television in every room, including the kitchen! Their house also had a married mother and father whoContinue reading “People Make Prayer Too Complicated”

It’s My Birthday!

On our personal new year, as I like to call it, most of us get calls, texts, posts, etc. I tend to be a bit cynical about Facebook birthday greetings, though  I appreciate them nonetheless. The fact that a high school classmate who I haven’t spoken to in 20 years, could take 20 seconds toContinue reading “It’s My Birthday!”