The Gift of Erica McCullough

Erica McCullough

I usually handle death pretty well. I firmly accept that it is an inevitable part of life. I can usually see or feel death coming in my bubble of friends, family or even close acquaintances. But, once in a while, I am caught off guard. Yesterday, was one of those days.

If you are a Gospel music fan, particularly a choir enthusiast, you have probably heard Erica McCullough’s voice. We were merely acquaintances as we attended the same church in Charlotte, NC. We had a few conversations and I spent one afternoon in her home for a baby shower. Though I did not know her well, I was touched by her spirit. She had a genuine smile that was as powerful as her beautiful voice. After I learned the news of her passing yesterday, I went throughout the day in disbelief. My first thought was for her family during this time. Then, I thought about the musical gift that God had graced her with.

What little I know about Erica is encased in humility. The most amazing aspect of her talent was that she sang in the same humble spirit with which she walked. Witnessing her sing live was like eavesdropping on an intimate conversation with God. She did not sing to the audience. She sang to her Father, the one for whom she lived. Undoubtedly her first imprint is on her children and this is paramount. However, her imprint on the world with her voice will be left to recordings like below.

Thank You Erica.


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