My Trip to ‘Clybourne Park’

My acting career got off to a great start this year. I booked a play in February! Performing in the Tony award winning play, Clybourne Park, was an honor and a treat. I worked with a seasoned cast and wonderful crew. Most importantly I gained experience that I will apply in future roles. And thankContinue reading “My Trip to ‘Clybourne Park’”

Daniel Fast Day 14- Kirk Franklin’s Love Theory

Menu- roasted breakfast potatoes, blackberry spinach salad, pasta & tomatoes I always tell people my relationship is a little different from the average Christian. It goes beyond church, reading the Bible and even this Daniel Fast. All of those things are fueled by the fact that I am completely, totally, madly in love Jesus. Yes,Continue reading “Daniel Fast Day 14- Kirk Franklin’s Love Theory”

The Gift of Erica McCullough

I usually handle death pretty well. I firmly accept that it is an inevitable part of life. I can usually see or feel death coming in my bubble of friends, family or even close acquaintances. But, once in a while, I am caught off guard. Yesterday, was one of those days. If you are aContinue reading “The Gift of Erica McCullough”

Don’t Be Defeated by Disappointment

When my Carolina Panthers won the NFC Championship, I immediately tried to get a ticket home to Charlotte. I wanted to be around my family and friends to have the same excitement and exuberance I had watching the team 13 years ago. In February 2003, I lived in Charlotte, NC after migrating from South CarolinaContinue reading “Don’t Be Defeated by Disappointment”