Daniel Fast Day 21- Lessons

Menu- oatmeal, spinach salad, almond butter balls, veggie pasta

I decided to read all of my entries from the diary on this last day. I looked over all of my notes. I thought about the encounters I had and lessons I learned. I noticed my theme of this Daniel Fast was really sewn throughout these last three weeks. I wanted more of God glory, so that I could be more spiritually effective in life. For this to happen, I had to come to a true understanding of the theme verse.

“He must increase, but I must decrease.”

John 3:30 KJV

What I’ve Learned

There was a recurring phrase in my daily entries. “This isn’t about me. It’s about him.” I wrote the thought in response to various situations that occurred. I faced the statement when I had to apologize to a co-worker (Day 11). The statement popped up again when I faced the real reason I was blogging (Day 19). Over and over, God reminded me to focus on him and not myself. If I want his glory, I must do things for his glory.

Another recurring point was making time for him. I found myself in foul moods and bad days when I had not made time to experience the presence of God. Day 10 taught me something new that results being in God’s presence, particularly after you’ve repented.

“…the times of refreshing shall come from the presence of the Lord;”

Acts 3:19

Knowing that I can be refreshed by God’s presence is so beautiful. This adds a new dimension to our relationship. I am moved to spend more time with him in a meaningful way. It also provides me another recourse when the day is not going like I planned or I find myself feeling out of sorts.

What I’ll Do

Initially, I did not think this Daniel Fast was going well. I just did this fast a few months ago with some entertainment industry people of faith. That fast was amazing. From day 1, I felt God’s presence. I saw God’s glory. I heard his voice. Things happened during those 21 days, that were clearly his spirit moving in my life.

Things weren’t as clear during this fast. I had to make an effort to see and hear him clearly. I had to actually seek him. I had to look at adjustments I need to make, to experience the true power of our relationship.

This has been amazing too. The truth is fasting will always bring some type of result. Denying the flesh empowers the spirit. This moves God in ways we do not understand. I understand more than I did 21 days ago. I know the powerful effects of being in his presence. I am motivated to go deeper in my time with him.

Yes, this has been worth it. Spending time focused on him is always worth it!

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