Love Who You Are

I came across an old letter to me, from the Spirit of God that lives in me. May his words bless you.

I wish I could share with you all the beauty of this world, all of the melodic symphonies of this life. Because that is what life is. It is truly a symphony. It is a purposeful arrangement of notes that may seem insignificant; flat nots and sharp notes that may be hard on your ear. Beautiful melodies, lovingly sewn together, with a constant rhythm that is the soul of your life.

The love by which these notes are sewn is a love that exists in you. You were born with it. It is one of the things at your core, that make you beautiful. You may hear words to the contrary, but they are not a part of your life symphony. You may see sights to the contrary, but they are not a part of your masterpiece.

You ARE beautiful. You are beautiful because you were created beautifully. You were created with the gift of feeling in you palms and in your fingertips. You were created with the gift of touch in your hands. Use them only on who you wish. Remember it is a gift to be shared. It is a gift that when you share it, it will lovingly be given back to you, sometimes in ways you may not recognize. But it will fill you. It will always warm you from the inside. Don’t be afraid of that warmth you feel. It is overwhelming to your body which can be scary but that is because the warmth of that gift is for a part of you that is deeper. It comes from something deeper. It is an oasis where the purest part of your soul longs to dwell.

It is your choice to accept this and all gifts. And you have many. They are another part of you that makes you beautiful. You are talented. You are soulful. You are a unique and amazing work of God’s hands. And, nothing or no one can take that away from you. No person, no experience, no victory, no defeat, NOTHING. Your gifts, your beauty, your talent, your soul, your heart, you love…They are all yours to keep and to share at your will.

I love you so much. I have enjoyed watching you grow and blossom. I have cried when I saw elements attempt to stifle or crush your bloom. But I have shined brightly every time you allowed yourself to reign because it gives me permission to sit on the throne with you. So you are never alone.

Keep blooming.

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