My Trip to ‘Clybourne Park’

My acting career got off to a great start this year. I booked a play in February! Performing in the Tony award winning play, Clybourne Park, was an honor and a treat. I worked with a seasoned cast and wonderful crew. Most importantly I gained experience that I will apply in future roles. And thankContinue reading “My Trip to ‘Clybourne Park’”

Daniel Fast Day 14- Kirk Franklin’s Love Theory

Menu- roasted breakfast potatoes, blackberry spinach salad, pasta & tomatoes I always tell people my relationship is a little different from the average Christian. It goes beyond church, reading the Bible and even this Daniel Fast. All of those things are fueled by the fact that I am completely, totally, madly in love Jesus. Yes,Continue reading “Daniel Fast Day 14- Kirk Franklin’s Love Theory”

Gospel Music has Evolved…finally

The first and most important thing to know about my musical taste is that I do not and will not buy anything of any artist that I don’t believe I will listen to for life. Thus, my music collection is quite small. It consists mostly of my treasured but almost obsolete cassette tapes. I wasContinue reading “Gospel Music has Evolved…finally”