I Am An Actress!

I am an actress. Though the statement seems so simple, stating that fact, is not.  I have run from this statement for decades. Yet, the farther I thought I ran, the closer God shoved me towards this admission. I toyed with the entertainment industry in obvious and subtle ways. In high school, I volunteered toContinue reading “I Am An Actress!”

After a loss…

God has never made a mistake. I am a die-hard football fan. I love the game for many reasons, but mostly for its many parallels to life. That speech was made by my 2nd favorite player of all time, after the 2012 AFC Championship loss that sealed the Baltimore Ravens’ absence in the Super Bowl.Continue reading “After a loss…”

Are You Worth the Risk?

I often find myself caught up in other people’s vision. I listen to an idea and become excited about its possibilities. I am a doer, so I offer my own ideas on how to make their ideas come to life. Then, I allow myself to become a little worker bee, getting things done to makeContinue reading “Are You Worth the Risk?”